My Name Is Sunil Tulsiani, And In This Report I Share

"The 7 Most Expensive Mistakes I've Made In Real Estate Investing"

... And How YOU Can Avoid Them!

  • How you can choose good money partners to work with… And how you can keep them wanting to invest with you┬áin the long run,
  • A due diligence checklist – this would have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars if I would’ve had it when starting out!
  • 5 + 1 telltale signs to help you spot when a vendor is lying… And some questions they’re afraid you’ll ask,
  • Some invaluable advice on protecting yourself as an investor or a JV partner.
  • How you can spot a real estate seminar that’s just there to take your money… Be careful, there’s a lot of bogus advice out there!
  • My proprietary Joint Venture agreement you can use to put things down on paper with your partners… As well as other templates for paperwork to keep you safe!

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